Smoked Salt DIY – Edible

Smoked Salt DIY – Edible adds a unique flavor to a wide range of dishes & imparting a smoky taste, suitable for vegetarians mostly used in barbecued dishes for enhancing the flavor.

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Smoked Salt DIY – Edible is an aromatic salt smoked with any number of select bark free woods for up to 14 days. The kind of wood used for smoking impacts the flavor, which can range from subtle to bold or even sweet. The most common choices are alder wood, apple wood, hickory, mesquite, and oak. Infused smoked salts like smoked bacon chipotle sea salt is very popular because of the dynamic flavor profiles. Smoked Salt DIY – Edible is used to enhance the inherent flavors of a dish while also imparting a smoky taste. It is suitable for vegetarians, often acting as a replacement for bacon crumble. Smoked Salt DIY – Edible differs from smoke-flavored salt as the latter contains a smoke flavored additive and is not classified as a natural salt product. Smoked Salt DIY – Edible is a relatively new and exciting gourmet salt in the U.S. It adds a unique flavor to a wide range of dishes and are delicious for grilling or oven roasting—and an absolute must when cooking salmon! When you’re considering a smoked sea salt, make sure that it is a naturally smoked salt and doesn’t have liquid smoke flavoring added; this can create a bitter taste. They are slow-smoked in cold smokers over real wood fires to infuse the salt crystals with 100% natural smoke. Smoked Salt DIY – Edible adds an authentic smokehouse flavor to soups, salads, pasta, and sandwiches. Available in fine, coarse, and flake grain sizes.