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Leading Salt Exporter in Pakistan

Dilmeer Foods is one of the best salt company based in Lahore, known as best Salt Exporter in Pakistan due to high-quality Salt Exports. It was established with the aim to produce top quality Salt Lamps of different styles at reasonable cheap prices. Dilmeer Foods is Himalayan Salt Exporter in a wide range of articles in multiple colors, sizes and shapes. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of Dilmeer Foods. Our Rock Salt Products give a new stylish touch to your home, offices & other places. Dilmeer Foods is one of the biggest Salt Exporters & are the most reliable in the field of Himalayan Salt Products. The prominent categories regarding Salt Exports, Salt Lamps available at Dilmeer Foods are Natural Salt Lamps, Crafted Lamps, USB Lamps, Edible Salts, Salt Licks & Salt Tiles. Dilmeer Foods is the largest salt manufacturer salt exporter of different natural Himalayan Salt items. We are exporting our Himalayan Salt products in various countries of the world.

Being one of the Best Salt Exporters in Pakistan, Dilmeer Foods distribute salt to all industries that needs salt in different regions including, China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. Dilmeer Foods Natural Salt Lamps are available in unique shapes, different sizes and weight. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps are best in the world and have multiple health benefits. Due to special nature, it attracts water vapors present in the air and the thing it carries like bacteria, mold and removes them from the air, help to neutralize the effects of electromagnetic radiations & providing a soothing glow. Salt is one of the most essential ingredient of human diet and necessary material for industrial use so, the Dilmeer Foods export the most salt & the salt is also exported to nearby places for the customer’s convenience.


Dilmeer Foods As a Salt Exporter

Dilmeer Foods has a significant advantage over others in salt exports, as its salt is pure. Salt Crystal Lamps help to create mood and energy levels, especially for those who are affected with Seasonal Affective Disorder. The flexible orange hues are one of the soothing colors often used to increase focus. Improving breathing problems and reducing allergies, help to reduce Asthma, Sinus, BP, Headache, Sleeping Problems & Dust Allergy. Dilmeer Foods as a salt exporter exports top quality Animal Salt Licks – Essential Mineral Nutrients are very important for better health & development of Horses, Sheep, Cattle, Goat, Camels, Pets, Zoo & Wild animals. Dilmeer Foods exports special Salt Bricks for treatment rooms where patients take fresh ionized air containing natural negative ions.

The customer is the top priority of the Dilmeer Foods so we provide user friendly environment to the client & always here to support for queries. If you are looking into the best Salt Exporter in Pakistan, we may supply as much as you need. As leading Salt Exporter in Pakistan we trust only on the best professionals. We have a professional team to respond & deliver very quickly as the number one salt exporter in the Pakistan is the Dilmeer Foods. We are strongly committed to top quality products that show our brilliant performance in Himalayan Salt Exporter items.